All around the world, the Lotus Flower is known for it's remarkable beauty. In Buddhist belief, the Lotus Flower represents: Fortune, Purification, Faithfulness, and Wisdom.

Oddly enough, this beautiful flower grows the best, not in crystal clear waters, but in muddy-murky waters. The Lotus Flower rises and flourishes above the murk to achieve it's beauty, or enlightenment.

In our experience, some of the most beautiful and inspiring people we've been lucky enough to meet have come from rough paths, and have overcome some serious obstacles.

Just like the Lotus Flower struggles past the mud to reach it's enlightenment, our struggle through physical training brings us growth; not only physically, but mentally. 

At Lotus Training we promise the results you are working for, and we promise a better connection to your mind and body.

Lotus Training wants to provide the highest quality of personal training and athletic wear to portray our motto: NO STRUGGLE. NO GROWTH.